Apparently, the rumor going around a few weeks ago that Tokyopop was allowing some of its creators to get the rights back to their work that wasn’t going to be published was completely bogus. That is sad. Many books are completed and waiting to be printed but may never see the light of day.


However, the good news is that Brandom Graham is posting KING CITY VOL. 2 on his LJ. King City is a weird place where a guy named Joe fights mobsters with the aid of a talking cat. It was quite well received, and Volume 2 needs to get out there somehow.

[Via Bryan Lee O’Malley]


  1. So Tokyopop’s new business model is to make me want to beat them all to death with a pipe? Is this some sort of reverse psychology?

  2. So do you know if the second volume of the dark goodbye is getting this same crappy treatment, or did it somehow make the grade.

  3. When news of TP’s troubles first surfaced my first thought was, “What about KC2?” Sorry it wasn’t for the employees and remaining creators, but that’s how good Graham is!