As the line between comic strips and webcomics continues to blur, more of Ted Rall’s handiwork is visible at United Media, as Steven L. Cloud‘s webcomic BOY ON A STICK AND SLITHER has just joined the line-up at Comics.Com. Cloud explains how it happened in his LJ:

basically, i was recruited by ted rall. ted is the head of acquisitions and development at Unitied Media (UM). ted is also a a prolific cartoonist, author and columnist. the guy stays busy. you should google him.

i first met ted through my involvement in his compilation book “Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists”. this is how i know he cares about comics and respects cartoonists of all kind.

for this reason, it was very easy for me to work with him and UM.

not to mention this is an great way to expose boasas to a wider audience and, who knows, maybe they’ll offer me a “real” syndication deal in a year. or maybe they won’t. you can’t predict this sort of thing.

one thing i can predict is that i’ll be drawing comics for many years to come.

UMI’s official PR is in the jump.

Boy on a Stick and Slither [BOASAS] is a comic strip about a boy on a stick and his reptilian pal Slither. Already a successful Web comic, cartoonist Steven L. Cloud’s BOASAS will appear on beginning April 25th.

BOASAS is a strip that can be silly, profound, or even absurd. At times, it can be political, but not necessarily topical. BOASAS endeavors to make sense of the world, while balancing both optimistic (Boy on a Stick) and cynical (Slither) points of view.

Boy on a Stick is a kind soul with a pleasant disposition and childlike sense of wonder about new ideas and possibilities. Naturally, these characteristics are a source of annoyance for his only friend, Slither, who delights in pointing out the hypocrisy of others. While he may not think he knows it all, he’s sure he knows more than Boy on a Stick, which is why he is continually smug.

Creator Steven L. Cloud was raised in the Florida panhandle, lived in Connecticut and San Francisco, and now resides in Brooklyn with his wife and cat. An advertising agency cubicle-dweller by day, Cloud has published BOASAS online ( since 1999. And while it is primarily a Web comic, it has also appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Esquire magazine.