Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel opened yesterday (International Women’s Day) in 4,301 theaters  to the tune of $61.4 million. Roughly a third of that amount comes from the $20.7 million in Thursday previews, but it’s still quite impressive.

That’s the 7th best opening day for one of Marvel Studios’ releases and fourth best opening day for a March release.

Let’s look at some numbers and where Captain Marvel fits in:

MOVIE                                                     OPENING FRIDAY     OPENING WEEKEND

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (5/1/15)  $84.4 million     $181.3 million

BLACK PANTHER (2/16/18)                      $75.9 million        $202 million

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (5/6/16) $75.5 million   $179.1 million

IRON MAN 3 (5/3/13)                                  $68.5 million        $174.4 million

THE HUNGER GAMES (3/23/12)            $67.3 million         $152.5 million

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (3/17/17)      $63.8 million        $174.7 million

CAPTAIN MARVEL (3/8/19)                     $61.4 million        ?????

As far as Marvel movies go, that isn’t bad, especially for a solo non-sequel. In that respect, only last year’s Black Panther has opened higher, but Captain Marvel was never expected to surpass that juggernaut.

As far as March opening records go, Captain Marvel is just behind Beauty and the Beast‘s opening day, and it’s unlikely to surpass its March weekend record of $174.7 million, which benefitted from family business over the weekend. Captain Marvel does have a shot of matching or even exceeding the previous opening weekend record held by The Hunger Games in 2012, even though it’s also behind that in terms of opening days.

The question now is how much frontloading Captain Marvel might have due to the anticipation to see it, and the bump from opening on International Women’s Day, but a $150 million opening weekend is well in its sights.

Check back on Monday morning for the full weekend box office report eon how Captain Marvel fared, as well as how it affected all the other movies currently in theaters.



  1. I’d forgotten that Brie was in 2010’s “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (singing!), which means “Captain Marvel” isn’t her first comics-based movie. Here’s her screen test at age 21:

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