Dash Shaw has created an animated trailer for Bottomless Belly Button his epic tome that has every one talking. View it above and then read Laura Hudson’s analysis. BONUS: Laura breaks the code.


  1. “His epic tome that has every one talking”?

    Jesus, really? Let me take a quick check of everyone within 50 yards of where I’m sitting and see if they’re talking about THE BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON.

    Or if they’ve heard of it.

  2. How did Encyclopedia Lawson know that Heidi was exaggerating on Dash Meany’s behalf? Turn to page 168 for the answer.

  3. A friend gave me this link but I don’t get the trailer. Everything just swirld around and merged into another inage. I didn’t get what its supposed to be aboot. Please explain to a confused Canadian.



  4. Laura H. says: “Are you sitting at the direct center of the comics blogsphere? If so, that’s a totally valid method of evaluation.”


    I hadn’t thought so, but that would explain the weird smell.

  5. I first discovered Shaw’s work when I reviewed “Love Eat Brains”, and ever since then I have seen his work here and there. I am definately picking this one up. Thanks for the heads up, gang!

  6. I think Logan is being purposely dense. It’s crystal clear what that trailer is about, man and nature merging into one and forming a symbiotic mass who’s only purpose is total existential peace and existing in perfect harmony on a molecular level, it’s clearly a comment on how out of touch humanity is with itself. We’ve closed ourselves off to everything but bright shiny objects, consumption of mass produced products has taken the place of spiritual oneness and turned us away from the promise of fulfillment the unspoiled natural Earth has always offered man. I’ve only seen such themes played out in one other artist besides Dash, John Byrne. Bravo, Dash, Bravo!