It was the time in wrestling that gave the world Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, today BOOM! Studios showed off the first look at a new one-shot which tells stories from WWE’s Attitude Era. The preview takes a look at one of the pivotal moments of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and, its rival at the time, WCW. Check out the preview pages from WWE: Attitude Era #1 featuring Degeneration X’s most infamous moment, the “invasion” outside a WCW Monday Nitro broadcast.

From WWE: Attitude Era #1

Some of the biggest wrestling fans are comic creators and it’ll be interesting to see their interpretation of the story world depicted in wrestling during the late 90’s. WWE: Attitude Era will feature comic industry talents such as Ryan Ferrier (Rocko’s Modern Life), Andy Belanger (Southern Cross), Aaron Gillespie (Green Lanterns), Julian May (WWE), Michel Mulipola (WWE: WrestleMania), Hyeonjin Kim (Sisters of Sorrow) and Kendall Goode (The Pride) telling stories featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker and Kane, and of course D-X.

Now someone do a comic about the most underrated tag team of all time in WWE, Billy & Chuck.

WWE: Attitude Era #1 is in stores August 1, 2018.