Pretty huge shockwaves this week, as it is confirmed that Boom! Studios President of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik is leaving the company.

Reports of this stunning move had been circulating since late last week, but were only confirmed today by a Boom spokesperson. 

As we’ve noted here many times, Sablik has become the public face of Boom in every way possible – and has even stepped up as a leader (and cheerleader) for the comics industry as a whole. During his time at Boom, Sablik oversaw such acclaimed books as Lumberjanes and Something is Killing the Children, Boom’s move into kids comics, their innovative retailer programs, and most recently some of the most successful comics kickstarters ever.

Famed for his inspirational Powerpoint decks at industry meetings, and speaking frankly about the issues facing the medium, it’s hard to see how his unique skillset can be replicated. 

Also hard to see….what he’s up to next. Speculation immediately went to Sablik joining former IDW editor in chief Jamie S. Rich who left IDW for an unnamed new project a few days ago. Any venture that has both Sablik and Rich on board would already have an enviable staff but who on earth could persuade two high level (and well paid) execs to leave their jobs for what is almost certainly a new company? Whoever it is would have deep pockets so that rules out anyone in the US comics industry. 

But as a reminder….Sablik’s team-up with Rich is pure speculation at this point. 

While the speculation in the comics industry gossip circuit has been heating up to levels most commonly found in the middle of the sun, no word has leaked to us of the final destination for either.

The confirmation of Sablik’s departure did cap a week of the strangest rumors about Boom that we’ve ever heard. It’s widely known in the industry that Boom! Studios has been on the block for several years, dating to before the pandemic even. Last week, rumors reached us that a buyer had been found in the traditional publishing world, but these rumors have yet to be confirmed by anyone so throw those in the total speculation pile as well. 

Also noted by observers, Boom! founder Ross Richie, who left his position as CEO to take over as Chairman of the Board in 2021, had suddenly become much more visible on social media in recent days talking about Boom projects, so make of that what you will. 

Boom will continue on with Stephen Christy (President, Development) and Matt Gagnon (Editor-in-Chief) – but who will fill the Publisher shoes? Let the resumes flow! 


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