By Jason Murphy

For the first time in history a comic book graced the stage in Hall H… AND it filled the Hall. Why? Well because that comic, BRZRKR, is a creation of Keanu Reeves.

Photo by Erin Dillingham

Debuting in 2021, BRZRKR has been thrilling readers with its story of the “half-mortal, half-god warrior known as “B” as he battles through the ages, seeking answers to the mystery of his endless blood-soaked existence, and how to end it.”  Keanu Reeves (The Matrix series, John Wick) joined co-writer Matt Kindt, artist Ron Garney, screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, Matt Gagnon (editor-in-chief, BOOM! Studios), Eric Harburn (executive editor, BOOM! Studios), and Stephen Christy (president, development, BOOM! Studios) for an exclusive look at the final issues of the limited comic series. Moderated by Coy Jandreau (Reel Rejects, Collider, Nerdist) the panel delved into what drove the project and where it looks to go in the future. Keanu makes his writing debut on the series

Keanu took the stage along with his writing team and artist Ron Garney to discuss the current limited series that debuted last year. Fans got to hear how the series began as Keanu discussed his desire to make a comic where someone gets to “punch people through their chest” (running joke of the panel).

Topics included the desire to build the story around an 80,000 year timeline to give themselves the ability to have the story go absolutely anywhere. Keanu was passionate and obviously the focus of this panel. His love of the character, his abilities and B’s future missions.

Photo by Erin Dillingham

The panel dove headfirst into announcement after announcement.

  • The comic series issue #10 will be out soon, followed by volume 2 (issues 5-8)
  • The series will be followed by an Anime series on Netflix
  • The animated series will be followed by a feature film by screenwriter Mattson Tomlin
  • The feature film will be followed by a book published by Random House

Keanu was extremely excited to share the book news with the audience but had to refrain from naming the author, who he said was his absolute favorite. Random House explicitly told him to not name the author. Keanu struggled but ultimately didn’t spill the beans.

It was great to finally see a comic grace the stage in Hall H, and who better to pull that off than first time comic writer Keanu Reeves.

Photo by Erin Dillingham

BRZRKR Issues #1-#9 and volume 1 (issues #1-4) are available now.

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