BOOM! Studios has announced a new horror comic for October: The Approach, a tale about a mysterious lost-plane crash and the “sinister storm” it brings in its wake. The Approach is by writing duo Jeremy Haun (The Red Mother, The Beauty) & Jason A. Hurley (The Beauty) and Spanish artist Jesús Hervás (The Empty Man).

The Approach

The plot, according to the PR:

“When airport employees Mac and Abigail find themselves snowed in after a blizzard, they witness a terrible plane crash. After pulling a survivor from the wreckage, they realize a terrifying truth: this plane has been missing for 27 years! The nightmare has only just begun though, as the people trapped in the airport soon find themselves confronted by what this plane actually brought back. For those with a fear of flying, it’s not the sky that deserves dread, but what lies beyond it…”

The Approach #1 will come with a choice of cover art. The main cover will be by series creator and co-writer Jeremy Haun, and variant covers will be produced by Francesco Francavilla, Megan Hutchison-Cates, and Bjorn Barends.

Talking about the series, writer Jeremy Haun said,

“It’s our love letter to eighties monster horror, with an absolutely terrifying creature, conjured up by our amazing series artist, Jesús Hervás.”

The Approach series’ artist Jesús Hervás,

“It’s been exciting working with Jeremy and Jason on this series because of the challenge of illustrating the horror and suspense while revealing just enough of the unknown mysteries and terrors that loom within the approaching storm. The Approach is a wild ride, and I had a lot of fun drawing it, so I can’t wait for everyone to pick it up and start uncovering all the secrets hidden within the pages of the comic.”

Editor Elizabeth Brei had this to add,

“You know that warning signal your brain sends you when the clouds roll in, the wind picks up and the skies darken? The Approach is that chilling sensation crafted into a terrifying and careening trip into the center of the impending storm. Jeremy, Jason, and Jesús are all experienced storytellers of the genre who bring the full weight of their experience and love of horror into this series!”