Backsoon2You know, it isn’t just the movie people who are snapping up the comics! Cartoonists are still getting book deals at traditional publishers left and right. This week’s PW Comics Week had a few items of note. Dash Shaw, the new lit comics It Kid, has signed up for his next book at Pantheon, a print version of his online Body World:

The deal was negotiated by agent Bob Mecoy. The book was acquired by Pantheon editorial director Dan Frank along with editor/designer Chip Kidd, who will both edit the book. Mecoy also said there was “unprecedented” interest in both Bottomless Belly Button and Body World from Hollywood film studios, although no deal has been reached.

The same issue also notes that agent Judy Hansen has negotiated a two-book deal at Scholastic for Flight’s Jake Parker for his character Missile Mouse.

Missile Mouse was introduced earlier this year in Flight Explorer, an anthology based on Flight with comics created for young readers, published by Villard. Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher, the first of the two graphic novels, will be published in 2010.

Hansen also writes to us to say that she’s negotiated another two-book deal for Benjamin Hatke, another Flight and Flight Explorer author. Mark Siegel at First Second has acquired two graphic novels starring Zita the Spacegirl (left). The first book is titled Zita the Spacegirl: The Longest Day.

Mucho good reading ahead.


  1. “Missile Mouse” was my 13-year-old’s favorite story in Flight Explorer, it definitely appeals to preteen and young teen boys. I like Zita the Spacegirl myself, so it’s good news about both upcoming publications.

  2. I would contend that Chip Kidd is the best designer to handle this particular project (apart from Shaw himself). This one’s totally up his alley.

  3. Chipp might be the best for this book … but he’s designed lots of comic trades or comic-related material … and it all looks alike. And sloppy.

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