200812160322We’ve devoted many items to the eventual Spider-Man musical, and we expect to devote more to it, because the damned thing doesn’t open for months and months. However, there’s one thing we haven’t linked to yet: what songwriter BONO THINKS OF SPIDER-MAN. Luckily, a fact-filled update from The Times UK, delivers the goods:

Bono has promised that the show will be “something the likes of which no-one has seen or heard”. He said the music will be part punk rock and part opera. “It should be a hallucinogenic experience for theatregoers,” he said. “You have the visual energy brings. The myth of the arachnid and the elasticity of these characters — you can turn theatre upside down.”

Oh, boy.


  1. He has great pipes and his band makes great songs.
    However, it is worth avoiding MOST interviews with rock stars, whether it be Ted Nugent or Bono, if you want to keep enjoying their music!!!!

  2. Christopher – just you wait until SW mass releases his first solo effort – Insurgentes in February and see how much ‘divinity’ he gets flocking to the pews.

    Already, copies of the limited edition release are fetching for $600 to $700 a pop on ebay.

    My prog fu is much more skilled than your mere mortal Goth ‘tae kwon do’ abilities.