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Jeff Smith and Bone are going on a true world tour, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway…even the good old US! You can see the complete itinerary in the jump, but over in his blog. Jeff Smith has some thoughts on the tour:

I think we’re ready. I still have a couple of weeks, but it seems like I’m already out of time. A World Tour is one of the most complicated undertakings we’ve ever gotten tangled up in. Vijaya and Kathleen worked for over a year putting this deal together. It’s not just a tour, it’s a publishing venture and a nearly simultaneous release party of BONE in color across Europe. We coordinated gang printings between publishing houses (which involved making sure the brand new translations were complete), book tours & festivals in ten countries, and Steve and I just finished putting together a 40 piece exhibition for the Frankfurt Book Fair and a 33 piece show of original art for Athens.

Many things changed or fell apart completely over the last twelve months, but ultimately all the publishers came through and many festivals invited me to be a guest.

I’m really enjoying the daily blogs of Scott McCloud & family while on their Making Comics Fifty State Tour , so as I travel across the European continent, I’ll take my laptop and digital camera along and blog as I go. I’ll share my run-ins with cartoonists and get-togethers at pubs. I will try to capture the Spinal Tap highs and lows. If we have a good signing, I’ll post it, if we have a disastrous one, I’ll post it. And when I get left at the border between two countries, with no one to pick me up – – I’ll post it.

Oct 3-10 – Germany
Frankfurt Book Fair and book tour including Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg

Oct 12-15 – Greece
Babel Fest in Athens
with Bone original art exhibition

October 16-21 – Spain
Spanish Book Tour including Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao

Oct 21-24 – France and Belgium
French book tour including Paris and Brussels

Harper arranges transport from Paris to London on Oct 25

Oct 25-26 – U.K.
English book tour including London


Oct 27-29 – Norway
Bok i Sentrum festival in Oslo

November 3-5 – Italy
Lucca Comics Festival

November 18-20 – Canada
Montreal Book Fair


February 23-25 (2007) – USA
New York Comicon