Fresh from their triumph on The View, with a Babwa Wawa comic, Bluewater has announced another comics bio of a daytime staple: Ellen Degeneres.

Female Force: Ellen Degeneres
Author(s): Sandra C. Ruckdeschel
Artist(s) Pedro Ponzo
Cover Artist(s): cover by Viinie Tartamella
Ellen DeGeneres is taking the world by storm!  Emmy’s!  Endless accolades!  It all seems so easy, but Ellen’s journey to get where she is now was not always a smooth one. She’s felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But through it all, she managed to stay true to herself and prove that she is a female force to be reckoned with!

You know we have been kidding Bluewater a lot over all their Female Force comics and bios and whatnot, but at this point — assaying the final quadrant with their books — you have to give them serious points for marketing chutzpah and for finding a unique winning formula for their own little niche in the comics world.


  1. You know, you’re right–Bluewater deserves a bunch of credit for what they’ve accomplished with this series. In particular, expanding their line beyond female politicians seems to have paid off well for them.

    But since snarking is so much fun, can I just ask how many Is and Ns does “Viinie Tartamella” really have in his first name?

    Also… “Emmy’s” ???

  2. The cover is such an obvious tracing. By obvious, I mean bad. It offers nothing that couldn’t ‘ve been captured better by a photograph. And what is she leaning on?

    There all kinds of talented painters, artists, even designers, who could have put together a better cover. Did they price themselves out of the market or something?

  3. That cover was not traced, it was hand drawn. Yes there was reference used. And it was meant to be a simple design, done in a short amount of time.

  4. 9 times out of 10 those statements art disrespectful. Because the art was penciled first and digitally painted. Doing a series of realistic portraits gets a little tiresome. (trust me on that) The style is ultra clean so it might come off as looking otherwise. If you want traced art, Greg Land is a good person to look at.

  5. Gotta give them props… not only are they doing biographies of Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Rice, but are also adapting work by Steve Harvey (9781616239411) and S. E. Hinton (9781616239404 , 9781616239473)!

    Not to mention the reprints from Rock and Roll Comics…

    @Gene… It’s already been done… Joshua Quagmire’s Cutey Bunny had a female character who was quite… libertarian in her appetites. Hope and Crosby even make a cameo in at least one of the comics. If JQ illustrates and writes an ED comic, I’ll buy it!

  6. Disrespected or not, move along, dude. You’re not winning any hearts and minds over here. Tracing is done by almost every artist other a tight deadline. Alex Ross has done it with photos of his models. It’s not a big deal. It’s when it’s obvious or infringes a copyright people get annoyed.

    For god’s sake, the hair looks like a cut and paste deal. The whole thing was not ‘painted’. It was traced with a pencil over a light box then scanned.

  7. I’ve always given Bluewater credit since they started the Bio series.

    I’ve always supported diversity and I’m often flummoxed by the response by some. Not to say people cannot have their opinions and express them, but the level of balance on both sides (the news gatherers and the reader comments here and elsewhere) has raised my eyebrow more than once.

  8. Wrong again Saber Tooth Tiger Mike, There was even a camera crew from NBC that filmed the making of 2 covers start to finish. So that’s the FACT. Penciled, scanned in a computer and painted. There’s no need to lie etc, Ellen’s comic won’t change the comic world either, so it’s pointless to go on lol, And that is a compliment that you think the painted hair is that realistic that you think its a cut paste job lol, Nuff said!

    And lets face it Mike, I doubt you’d be picking this book up anyway, regardless of who did the cover.