Valiant Entertainment has decided to switch up their publishing slate with a brand new arc for Bloodshot Reborn containing a brand new status quota for the hero. The issue is shipping in 2016 with writing from traditional Bloodshot Reborn author Jeff Lemire and artist Lewis LaRosa. The new story entitled ‘The Analog Man’ debuting in issue #10 jumps into the future 30 years past the ‘Colorado’ arc seen in the previous issues of the series. The story will consist of four issues chronicling Bloodshots’ future exploits in his attempts to save love interest Magic (also introduced in the former Bloodshot arc.) Bloodshot Reborn’s ‘The Analog Man’ will be the first work for LaRosa in over a decade with interior work for the publisher, the comic will be his first ever completed story for Valiant. The publisher teased Shadowman, monster trucks, Ninjak, and an old Bloodshot for the upcoming storyline. The cover even boasts several X-O Manowar armors.

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