200906011304Rich Johnston’s new Bleeding Cool site, sponsored in subdued fashion by Avatar, has debuted. Congrats to Rich! We’re quite jealous of their already lively forum, too!


  1. I’m a very infrequent poster around here, so I doubt that my absence has been missed.

    But I’ve been spending time today at CBR reading about the reaction to Captain America #600 being published on Monday June 15th and John Turitzin, Marvel’s general counsel’s presentation last week in which he talked more about the reasoning behind their price hikes to $3.99. Some interesting topics imo.

  2. How about Warren Ellis riding around on a dinosaur cutting off Alley Oop’s head with his pen?

    We really need some kind of arena battle here!

  3. I think Alley Oop has a better chance at clobbering Ellis. Ellis only writes about going to space, Alley Oop’s been there and done that.

    Maybe you’d draw more comments by stating some deliberately provocative comments. Something like…
    “I’d rather watch “Batman: Brave and the Bold” than “Dark Knight” any day.”
    … or …
    “You know what? Moebius’ Silver Surfer is better than Kirby’s Surfer.”

    But that kinda stunt posting only gets you so far.

    Maybe you just gotta chalk it up to: “It’s almost summer. Everyone’s sitting outside for lunch instead of sitting inside and posting comments.”