Vertigo Youngliars Ylia Cv1 Solicit§ DC has created an animated trailer for the new David Lapham book YOUNG LIARS. No direct embed but its in there.

§ DC has also updated their Canadian pricing policy. With the Canuck buck now on just about equal footing with the US$. beginning with items arriving in Direct Market stores on March 19, DC Comics periodicals will feature a single price for both U.S. and Canada. Johanna has commentary.


  1. As far as the “one price for Canada and US” angle, we Canadians have witnessed several newsstand magazines doing this.

    However, we’ve since found out that they have done two overprint runs. One run to print the American cover price on American copies, and another separate overprint run for Canadian newsstands, to show a 30% higher Canadian cover price, without the lower American cover price present for reference and comparison. Very sly.

    Be careful what you wish for!