B000Hewer6.01. Ss500 Sclzzzzzzz V60559016 Cartooner Steve Bissette (TYRANT, TABOO, SWAMP THING) has pretty much left the page behind, although he can blog up a storm, but an 8-page comic by Bissettewill be apppearing as a prop in an indie horror film:

When George Walker, the protagonist of the new horror film “Head Trauma,” finds a religious comic book at a phone booth near his home, the drawings might as well have “Made in Vermont” stamped across them.

That’s because the comic book — which is essential to the plot of the brooding and dark independent horror feature — was drawn and assembled by renowned Marlboro cartoonist Stephen Bissette and his son, Danny, more than two years ago.

“The script called for a comic as a prop in the film,” Bissette explained. “It was to be a Christian comic, similar to and emulating the look of the Jack T. Chick mini-comics.”

But the role of the comic book and its themes quickly shifted throughout the movie’s filming and production, Bissette said.

Much more in link. The film is just out on DVD.


  1. Thanks, Heidi, but hey, I draw each and every week!The Center for Cartoon Studies students get to see my scribblings on a regular basis. So what if it isn’t for publication? It was a good quarter-century run, and I made the best of it. Now I draw for myself, and to pass on what I know.