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What will the Japanese think of next? I mean, really. WHAT?

Via Simon Jones

You know, we didn’t have time to read the fine print when we posted it, but we really MUST. Billy Herrington is apparently a real-life bi porn movie star, and this figma includes all sorts of extras:

* Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out various wrestling scenes.
* A flexible plastic is used for his breast muscles and biceps, allowing the proportions of his beautiful body to be kept, without compromising the posability.
* The first figma to bare his naked body, allowing for even more thriving poses!
* Barbells and dumbbells are included so Billy can keep his body in perfect shape.
* His underwear is identical to that which appeared in his videos, and there are two variations to switch between, or worn together at the same time. A skin-colored pair is also included for an even more naked appearance.
* A shower head and shower room paper craft are also included, allowing you to produce even more situations.
* Comes with a poseable figma stand that makes it possible to recreate various scenes.

“A shower head and shower room paper craft are also included, allowing you to produce even more situations.”

We really can’t repeat that often enough. If only MORE toys came with shower heads! Like Catwoman and Power Girl, say. Or Karl Urban and Eric Bana!


  1. I love that I get to surf comics-related news items at work. Have I mentioned that I just love it sometimes?

    I don’t know whether to laugh or hide in horror, but I would like to order more comics-related news items like this.

  2. the things that are creepy are some of those poses. I mean who works out in their underwear? And is he actually ‘getting off’ sucking on his own finger? srsly? O.o

  3. I wonder if this idtiot will actually get paid for this as he is a old washed up whore who is broke and uses other people to live off of….plus he is s shitty father to his son, doesn’t pay child support and is a BIG loser!!!

  4. I wonder if this idtiot will actually get paid for this as he is a old washed up whore who is broke and uses other people to live off of….plus he is s shitty father to his son, doesn’t pay child support and is a BIG loser!!!

  5. I wonder if this idtiot will actually get paid for this as he is a old washed up whore who is broke and uses other people to live off of….plus he is a shitty father to his son, doesn’t pay child support and is a BIG loser!!!

  6. @Lynn: Those are some big claims against my main man Billy Herrington!! Do you have any proof of this?? From lots of ppl I’ve spoke to Billy is a real stand up guy.

  7. Yes this jerk is a piece of CRAP!!!! I have actual proof as I am friends with the woman of his child whom he beat up, abused and mistreated and the best thing she ever did was get rid of this jerk!!! Billy is a charmer, user and abuser..he is a wacko!!! unstable and uses people then discards them…why don’t you ask him personally why his ex has full physical custoday of his son and also got his son’s last name changed to hers…YES you are reading this right I am FRIENDS with Billy’s ex ad was more then happy to help build a case against this loser!!! He is NOT a nice so get your facts straight plus he is not gay he is a bi-sexual WHORE!!!

  8. HA HA! The guy is a has been US Porn Star. It’s a FACT! He’s a looser! He has no job and has spent the last few years exploiting money from gay men and pretty women. Clever as he is He found a way to exploit money from the Japanese people. He is a smooth talking, thieving charmer. He has a criminal record for assault and is a known womanizer. He neglects his child. Billy IS a text book narcissist. He’s crazy and abusive and a user! Hooked on meth and sterioids! He’s just sick!

  9. 50 yen, I’m sorry, Billy Herrington can’t begin to spell “stand up”. No offense to you, how would you know. His records are available in NJ, NY & FL. He now resides in CA. It wouldn’t be hard to find proof or have his ex’s back this up. I know One is in NJ the other in AZ.

  10. OMG! Stand up guy my ass! You are one sick fuck if you think Billy Herrington is anything other than a Narsaccistic, pathetic excuse for a human being. This is coming not second hand but instead first hand from someone who has been with Billy and is disgusted at the thought of it everyday. If he was any kind of “stand up guy” he would take getting off meth seriously, he would, make his own damn money and, he would stop blaming everyone else for the poor pathetic being he is and take responsibility for at least something in this lifetime. If he had any ounce of respect to anyone other then himself he would fall off the face of the earth and not return until he were a decent human being. For fucks sake, I wouldn’t wish this guy on my worst enemy! He is a horrible horrible person, thank god his son has nothing to do with him, I just feel sorry for the new puppy/dog he is in custody of…I hope animal control or PETA has their eye on this piece of shit bastard! And that’s coming from someone who knows what it’s like to be with Billy fucking Herrington first hand (unfortunately)

  11. Billy is an will always be a WHORE!!! I can’t beleive that the Japanese would even waste time on this asshole!! They seriously must be bored. Billy is a horror show and uses people for money, uses meth and steriods!! I know first hand what a nut job this man is as I couldn’t wait to rid myself of him after being wiht him. This man is a jerk off!!! He thinks he looks good I laugh my ass off att this thought. Yes he is a horrible person and I laugh at any of the “fans” that love him. Get your facts straight people!!!

  12. to buttercup and lynn. I agree with you 1,000%..He is an egotistical asshole who claims he is all that and then some..He lives on Xanax and I wonder why? and I bet other stuff he is using. He is indeed rude, dark and creepy and tries to come onto woman like he isn’t gay and he is full blown bi..C’mon now..every single word that comes out of his dam mouth is Fuck this ,fuck that etc..he has no respect for woman what so ever.. I have met this asshole several times and I wondered why he isn’t with his son much at all but makes time to travel to China and Japan..I don’t even think he is working as we speak..He thinks he is doing so good for women out there but he isn’t doing shit and it makes you wonder why he is still single and he solely tells everyone that the attention has to be on him and he is tired of woman who isn’t real..they are real ,he just can’t handle a strong woman who has a voice. I told him off because he never once came clean to me and to my other friends that he is bi..He is indeed a whore on all levels and disgusting. The only thing he got going is his dam parrot and he isn’t all there mentally and he is for sure mentally unstable asshole..he disgust me and runs like a bitch to his buddies and cannot accept the truth when it is being told to his face but good enough to lash out to woman..Stay in japan asshole..you are nothing here..Why the Japan and China waste their time and energy on him is beyond me? ..He thrives for the bullshit..He acts like he does good for everyone but around ppl who is a lot stronger with their words he cannot cope it to well.. Yea father of the yr.my ass..he is a wash up old man turning 45 next week and still seeks the attention outside of the USA because he knows no one will pay to watch his low budget movies and animated garbage…I have seen better and he needs to really grow the hell up..All he does is gym, sleep gym sleep and in between take prescription drugs..he is for sure bi-polar and I have witness how he degrades woman..stop acting like you all into woman, what happened to the one he had living with him ? and the guy he had living with him..He is really nasty and you can wear a condom buddy but you need one for your mouth when he goes down on men, that doesn’t make sense to me and who knows how many he did without.. They should build a case against him..let his own little make believe world crumble down..He is no good in the USA and real soon it will end and his so called legacy will be soon forgotten..I wouldn’t even pay to see his stupid mess..You can’t feel sorry for him at all..he needs to leave the ego at the door because he no longer owns it..he can be nice to many others because he is trying to live off what he can from the Japanese and chinese people and they have no clue of what he is all about over here..He needs to take care of his son, 11 yr.s old and that poor kid most likely don’t want anything to do with him ..His family back ground will tell you all about why he is the way that he is.. I don’t even know why he has so many fb pages, twitters pages etc..attention whore..God forbid he doesn’t get a hit he panic’s because it is all that he has and he pops a xanaxs . Lives alone now , lives on Fb, has no dam life what so ever..Ask him why he is in China today? he lives off on royalties and it is hardly anything..He is a bum..Thank God he lives out in NY because any where else nobody would want him.. if everyone deleted him on FB watch him how he panics.. time is coming for you..his little closed minded world will surely end.. He doesn’t even report all of his earnings to pay child support..

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