Bill Willingham, creator of the long-running Vertigo series Fables and it’s spin-off Fairest, has started teasing at some kind of big announcement or two which’ll be made on Twitter over the next few days. Specifically, he’s set up a twitter account called FablesCon, which seems to suggest a Fables-centric convention happening in March next year.

Checking to see who the FablesCon Twitter account follows, you can find writer Sean E. Williams and artist Phil Jimenez in attendence, along with power couple Adam Hughes and Allison Sohn. So already, it looks like a few big names have already agreed to attend.

This would be the next step onwards from recent events like Image Con and MorrisonCon; the former of which was a great success for the independent publisher; and the latter of which still has a terrifyingly large grinning Grant Morrison on the front page of the website. Fables has quite a strong fanbase – a fanbase of Vertigo proportions, but much more vocal than most – so it could be quite a popular event, especially with the guest-list Willingham seems to be preparing. A number of writers and artists have contributed to Fables over the years, so he has a range of creators he could invite. Maybe even James Jean! Swoon!

It looks at the moment like FablesCon will take place in late March 2013, which gives you all plenty of time to sew together that Reynard the Fox costume you’ve always wanted.


  1. Without confirming anything yet, maybe Mark Buckingham as guest of honor should be mentioned too. Also, wouldn’t it be great if the “And Beyond” part of the name included really great comics in the same tradition as Fables? Memorial, Kill Shakespeare, Mice Templar, The Unwritten, and so many others? Just a thought. No announcements yet.

  2. This sort of thing has been going on for a while…

    “From November 12–14, 2004, a comic book convention promoted as “Fiddler’s Green, A Sandman Convention” was held at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Author Neil Gaiman and several Sandman series artists and others involved in the series’ publication participated in the convention, with profits benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.”

    Ongoing is the North American Discworld Convention, set for July 2013.

    And the D23 Expo, of course.

  3. Interesting and gets me thinking that I’m surprised that DC hasn’t put together a Vertigo related convention. As getting writers and artists new and old from Vertigo, they could get a wide range of creators and with it a good crowd.

  4. Yep, Fiddler’s Green had as GOHs Neil Gaiman, Karen Berger, Charles Vess, Jill Thompson, Caitlin Kiernan, and Todd Klein. Including the auction of Sandman related things, it raised over $45,000 for the CBLDF. Highlight of both were back-to-back panels where in the first one, Neil, Caitlin, and Karen wrote a 2 page Sandman story. Panel two, held in the open area of the con suite, had Jill and Charles each draw one of the pages while Todd lettered both. Everyone at the con got a copy of the two pages, while the originals and script went at auction for $10K.

    Then in 10/10, there was the 10th Anniversary American Gods Gathering at the House on the Rock, which had some involvement by the same group of folk, although it was mostly done by the HotR people.

    And there are mutterings about a possible FG 2: Electric Bugaloo….

  5. Todd Klein is right. I went to Fiddler’s Green. It was my favorite convention experience ever. The GoH were all fantastic and available. My favorite was Caitlin Kiernan. The panels were outstanding. The con goers were respectful and casual. And it was cool.

    A Fables convention as discussed above as hinted at would be welcome news.

  6. It’s taking place in Rochester, MN,

    90 mi. south of Mpls/St. Paul and home of the Mayo Clinic (in case the fun gets TOO out of hand and someone needs medical attention!).

    Bill was promoting the event at the recent SpringCon at the MN State Fairgrounds.

  7. From what Bill told people at Springcon last weekend, I believe it is the 3rd weekend next March, I think the 23-24. And it will be in Rochester, Mn as stated above. I really hope Bucky is there, I think it should be a great time.