In case no one has noticed, The Beat is having some server hiccups. We moved servers last week and the process has been underway for a while, hence the lack of ads, which are hosted elsewhere, as near as I can make out.

For whatever reason there has been a RASH OF DOUBLE POSTING on the Beat. Please try to be patient and not hit send again. The server is taking a long time to process stuff. Be patient and you won’t look silly.

I’m also trying to figure out a way to get comments editable or at least deletable by someone other than myself. Anyone have recommendations for a WordPress plug-in that would upgrade the comments?


  1. As a joke,…I was going to repeat my comment several times and then finish with a clever punchline. When I went to hit the send button the server chided me for repeating myself.
    How humiliating.

  2. I post via cellphone/google reader. For the past month I have been getting error messages about the server being busy. Otherwise, no problems, nothing like that meltdown of last year.
    And nothing like the San Diego hotel reservation system!