The WATCHMEN rampage continues with a #2 appearance on USA Today’s overall list, behind only Steve Harvey. It remains #1 on Amazon, and has now topped both hardcover and paperback on the NY Times Graphic Books Best Seller lists:

Now that the big-screen version of Watchmen has been realized, the most eagerly awaited adaptation of a comic book is probably “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” The film is about a 20something slacker battling the evil exes of his current love, Ramona Flowers, and its cast includes Michael Cera as the titular hero, along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans and Brandon Routh. The penultimate volume, Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, hits our paperback list at no. 10. Check out to sample pages.

The rest of the lists are filled with stories that would make great fodder for animated films, television series or big-screen blockbusters: Superman: Brainiac features a fierce battle with one of his deadliest alien foes, but it’s the Man of Steel’s human side that really comes through; Wolverine: Origin delves deeper into the sometimes-confusing backstory of one of Marvel’s most popular characters; and Walking Dead reveals what life is like for human survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

BTW, for everyone who hates analyzing the BookScan and Diamond charts, you had better embrace the Graphic Books chart to your bosom like a long-lost lover, because it’s an endearing return to the old school method of charting — an esoteric, never-to-revealed formula. Frankly, the more bestsellers we have, the better.


  1. Todd,

    We’re working on including it with the other best sellers lists online. And I HOPE it’ll find a spot in the paper eventually, but right now it’s an online only feature.


    George Gustines

  2. Volumes of NARUTO held seven of the ten spots on the Manga list. All ten books were published by VIZ Media. What is one supposed to make of that? Spectacular success in providing what readers want, or domination of a fairly specialized market?


  3. “Spectacular success in providing what readers want, or domination of a fairly specialized market?”

    Maybe it’s the same thing? (maybe?)