As pretty much every comics reader who isn’t living under under a rock knows by now, perennial Marvel writer has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics as announced early last November.  After a recent health scare that he revealed via Twitter, Bendis is back home in recovery and appears to be in good spirits all things considered.

Some fans can’t help but wonder how this will be affecting his upcoming work, particularly his final Marvel issues and his first DC Comics project not yet announced. Bendis took to Twitter to answer some of these questions regarding his final Marvel work in 2018.

Bendis and Marvel already revealed his last issue of Jessica Jones would be issue #18 with a yet unannounced creative team taking over.

Also revealed on Twitter, Bendis’s last issue of Defenders will be issue #10 in February. The absence of Defenders in the March solicitations has led some to speculate that unlike Jessica Jones, the title would be ending once Bendis exits. Marvel has yet to confirm the status of Defenders post-Bendis, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of Marvel’s recent cancellation cull.

Meanwhile, Bendis has already revealed on Tumblr that his last issues of Iron Man and Spider-Man would be issues #600 and #240 respectively.

Assuming the books maintain their regular monthly schedule without any major delay caused by Bendis’ recent health issues, we could be seeing Bendis’ last Marvel work for the time being hitting stores in May 2018.


  1. He’s a superb crime writer, which is why his initial spell with Marvel was so strong – Daredevil, Alias, and even Ultimate Spider-Man were all street level stories, that largely avoided the big, splashy superhero fare.

    I get that career-wise it made sense to work for who pays best, but that says so,etching truly depressing about the industry, and Marvel/DC’s increasingly self-digesting brand maintenance.

  2. I really enjoyed his Infamous Iron Man run. It’s funny to see pages obviously intended for that series wind up in the regular Iron Man book. I am curious to see what he will be doing at DC.

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