In an interview at Emerald City Comic Con, Brian Bendis has revealed two more Jinxworld comics that will be out this year.

There is a Powers graphic novel that’s already complete and will come out this summer.

Alex Maleev is currently working on Book 3 of Scarlet, which will be out in September, although Bendis did not specify if that would be coming out as a monthly or as a graphic novel.

Bendis says that all books will be complete before being solicited, to insure they ship on time.

All this is to say, there is a serious commitment to Jinxworld on DC’s part if there are already 4 titles on the schedule and Bendis only finished his Marvel scripts last night.


  1. This is good! Experiment with formatting on a creator driven book and get rid of its erratic publishing schedule problems

  2. The last time Bendis put out a “Powers” book at Marvel, it debuted with a whopping 16,467 issues sold to retailers in January 2015 and I believe it was mercifully killed after issue #8 in May 2017, which clocked in at 6,421.

    By comparison, “Astro City” #44 in May 2017 by Kurt Busiek, a creator who might as well be in the Witness Protection Program compared to Bendis, sold 9,318 copies or over 40% more than “Powers.”

    I know DC has a better legacy than Marvel at selling stuff beyond traditional super-hero comics, at least for the last several decades, but the evidence seems to indicate that DC is buying a creator who may be a decade or more past his freshness date.

  3. I’m very much looking forward to the new Powers story. Love the characters, love the imagination behind the series. I was wondering if it was gone, gone, gone. Glad to see there’s another chapter ahead.

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