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Running way behind schedule today, as if you couldn’t tell. We’ll have a VERY SPECIAL feature up in a bit, which will explain much. Also, IS THERE SUCH A THING AS AN ADULT EAR ACHE? Not accordiing to Google.

[Cover from Ben Samuels’ excellent Golden Age cover gallery]


  1. “Earache my eye!”

    It’s possible. I’ve had mild ones over the years, and had my first ear infection (with accompanying dizziness, etc) when I hit 30.

  2. Just to give the fascinating backstory, last night as I was transcribing the Ennis interview, my Eustachean tube suddenly felt like the 101 during rush hour. Every time I coughed it felt like my eardrum was going to blow. Of course, I rootled around the bathroom cabinet and found some old antihistamines. Then I decided to Google earache, ear infection etc etc etc. Page after page after page of what happens to KIDS when they get an ear infection — including a great government page that says if a kid has liquid in their ear for over a month just leave it be. Wha?? Also a study that says the use of antihistamines PROLONGS the duration of an ear infection. IN CHILDREN. Not in adults.

    When I get a bad sinus infection like I have now, I usually get clogged ears. ADULTS GET EAR INFECTIONS. IT’S TRUE! I’VE SEEN IT! WITH MY OWN EARS.

  3. A couple of summers back, I had a doozy of a grown-up earache. The first I’d ever had. It was some infection in the outer ear canal, unlike the usual kid version. That side of my head swelled up like Rondo Hatton’s and I had to get SHOTS in my ear. It was horrifying.