WATCH: BATWOMAN’s Rachel Skarsten has a surprising past in the DC Universe

Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy tell us what fans can expect from one of the coolest looking characters the DC Universe has to offer


Just this week, the CW’s latest Arrowverse show, Batwoman, debuted. Set in a Gotham where Bruce Wayne and the Batman have disappeared, this show follows Wayne’s cousin, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose). Donning the mantle of the bat herself, Kate sets out to “overcome her demons and become a symbol of hope.” Watch as The Beat reporter Yael Tygiel chats with Batwoman actress Rachel Skarsten (Alice) and Meagan Tandy (Sophie Moore) about what to expect from this exciting new superhero show.

Playing the role of Batwoman’s arch villain, Alice, Skarsten’s character leads the Wonderland Gang. Mixing inspiration from Lewis Carroll and DC Comics’ own major villain, the Joker, Rachel Skarsten finds herself in a brand new role…but in an old home. Way back in 2002, she played Black Canary, aka Dinah Lance, on the 2002 iteration of a Birds of Prey series. It also aired on what was then the WB, but is now the CW. More recently, Skarsten also played Queen Elizabeth on CW’s Reign.

For her part, Meagan Tandy plays Sophie Moore. Like Kate Kane, Moore is a military academy graduate. She now works for Crows Security under Kate’s father, Jacob Kane. As Batwoman begins, Crows Security has been hired by Gotham’s mayor, Michael Akins, to protect Gotham from the villains that plague the city in Batman’s absence. Tandy and Kane were previously romantically linked, but are now estranged.

For all you need to know on this dark and thrilling show, watch on as Batwoman actress Rachel Skarsten and fellow cast member Meagan Tandy chat with Yael about the latest installment in the CW’s Arrowverse. Then, subscribe to The Beat for more about your latest obsession.

Batwoman Actress Rachel Skarsten stars in this new CW show, advertised here via key art poster

Batwoman stars Rube Rose, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Elizabeth Anweis, and Dougray Scott. It is executive produced by Caroline Dries, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns, David Nutter, and Marcos Siega. Production took place in Vancouver, Canada, and the show was produced by Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television.