Today, Rocksteady games dropped new content for Batman: Arkham Knight. This small update added  the massive tank like Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan films. The content is free for season pass holders but also available a la carte for $2.

The Tumbler Batmobile comes with two new Nolan film themed tracks to challenge players. Though, just like the 89′ Burton Batmobile, its in game use is limited to AR challenges. Next week will see the release of a new story add on called “GCPD Lockdown” where you’ll play as Nightwing. The story sees Dick Grayson invade GCPD to stop the Penguin from escaping custody. If you look on the trophy or achievement list for the pack it doesn’t give you a lot of hope that this will be a significant addition to sway the consensus of angry early season pass holders who feel they’ve grossly overpaid.


Rocksteady also teased what’s coming to the game in October. Next month Arkham Knight gets ” Catwoman’s Revenge” as Selina attempts to extract vengeance on the Riddler for using her as Bat bait in the game’s main story. Also to be released in October is a 1960’s themed character skin pack featuring Robin, Catwoman, and THE Batman 66 Batmobile with race tracks inspired by the TV series.

Still no word on the MIA PC version of the game which had its sales suspended after a catastrophic mechanical failures.

If you need more Arkham Knight in your life the DC Comics digital first series Batman Arkham Knight still hits Comixology every Friday while the new Batman Arkham Knight Genesis series from DC tells the back story of the game’s villain.