Matt KindtWilfredo TorresNayoung Kim, and Nate Piekos‘s Bang!, the forthcoming spy thriller series from Dark Horse Comics, has already proven to be a success. The first issue of the series doesn’t hit stores until February 19th, but today the publisher announced a sell-out of Bang! #1’s first printing, and a new edition of the issue that’s coming to meet demand. The second printing of Bang! #1 will feature a cover by artist Denys Cowan.

Bang! #1 Second Printing
Bang! #1 Second Printing

Announced back in October, Bang! follows the search for Agent Thomas Cord, a secret agent who goes missing following capture while acquiring a mysterious manuscript. The first issue features a pull quote from, of all people, Keanu Reeves, which is simultaneously strange and amazing.

Check out the full announcement of the sell-out and second printing for Bang! #1 below. The first printing goes on sale on February 19th, while the second printing will release the following Wednesday, February 26th, with a final order cutoff date of next Monday, February 10th.

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (February 3, 2020)—The debut issue of the all-new, highly anticipated series BANG! by writer Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT), artist Wilfredo Torres (JUPITER’S CIRCLE), colorist Nayoung Kim and letterer Nate Piekos has sold out ahead of its publication on February 19, 2020. Dark Horse Comics has announced a second printing, featuring a cover by legendary comic book artist Denys Cowan.

Since the series was first teased last fall at New York Comic Con, buzz has been building for the high octane spy thriller. The debut issue has been praised by Keanu Reeves and some of the most respected comic book creators, and the official trailer’s debut in DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD has already sparked significant interest from film studios for media adaptation.

“All signs point to BANG! being a breakout hit,” said Matt Parkinson, Dark Horse Vice President of Marketing. “We see BANG! joining BLACK HAMMER, HELLBOY, and UMBRELLA ACADEMY on the list of can’t miss creator owned comics from Dark Horse.”

“Denys Cowan’s art is the perfect mix of noir, style, action, and intrigue” said BANG! Editor Daniel Chabon. “His cover’s a wonderful introduction to the story’s international man of mystery, Secret Agent Thomas Cord.”

Here’s what people are saying about BANG!:

“A great f#*$ed up blend of James Bond and Tintin.”—Keanu Reeves

“What Knives Out did for whodunits Bang! does for 007-style spy adventures by flipping sexist and culturally condescending tropes on their head.”—DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD

“A top secret agent, an elderly crime fiction writer who also solves crimes, members of a sprawling terrorist organization, and a drug-fueled action hero find themselves inexplicably linked to a sci-fi author whose novels could hold the key to saving all of reality…or destroying it.”—io9

“I will literally read anything by Matt Kindt or Wilfredo Torres. Put them together and it’s magic. Skip dinner and buy this book”—Mark Millar

“I f$%^ing love this comic! it’s literally everything I want out of one of my favorite creators!! Congrats to the entire team. This is how you make comics!!”—Brian Michael Bendis

“BANG is a fun, twisty spy thriller with a great meta-twist.”—Jay Faerber

“I love Matt Kindt and I love Wilfredo Torres, so it’s no surprise that I loved BANG! It’s like the weirdo, mind-bending James Bond story I didn’t know I wanted.”—Jeff Lemire

“Thanks to Kindt and Torres we finally have our Idris Elba – James Bond, and it’s exactly as cool as you imagined.”—Jeff Parker

“Imagine James Bond being abducted by David Lynch and forced into a maze that shifts with every step forward. The ground is unsteady. The walls of reality move. This is the world of Bang!, a spy thriller expertly conducted by Kindt and Torres, a mystery box that truly starts off with a… Well. You know.” —Van Jensen

Orders close for the second printing cover on February 10, 2020.

Dark Horse Comics will debut the first issue of BANG! on February 19, 2020 featuring a main cover by Wilfredo Torres and a variant cover by Matt Kindt. Dark Horse Comics will publish the second printing variant of issue 1, featuring an all new cover by Denys Cowan, on February 26, 2020, in order to meet the high demand from comic book stores and readers.