It seems that everyone has discovered that the Baltimore Comic-Con is one of the friendliest and most star-studded comics shows on the circuit.

We don’t have figures of magnitude yet, but pre-sales and attendance this year are WAY up. While the crowds on Saturday were always brisk, when we arrived at noon today it was difficult to get into the show floor past giant lines for Jeff Smith, David Finch, and (of course) Stan Lee. Reportedly there was a giant line that wrapped around the block to get in this morning before the show opened.

Or as one exhibitor told us, “At 9:30 when they let in the VIP badge holders I thought ‘Good crowd.’ At 10 when everyone got in, I was ‘Oh my god.'”

In the early hours of the show, tables everywhere were mobbed.

The biggest line? Stan Lee, of course, where several hundred people stood in line to get their photo taken with the comics legend.

The costume contest was a similar hit, with a huge line outside the room at the 3:00 starting time, when the room had already filled up long before.

We’re not sure what’s behind the hugely increased attendance. Stan Lee was surely a factor, but it also seems to be general enthusiasm for the concept of a comic-con. And all that despite no movies, no celebrities, and no video games.


  1. Am I naive in hoping that at least some of those people asked Stan Lee why Disney/Marvel continues to screw Jack Kirby’s family?

  2. Very cool! I might have come down for it if I wasn’t leaving the country tomorrow. I guess I should plan around it next year, at least as an attendee. I know lots of people at PACC were saying they were doing it. Two shows in less than 10 days. Ooph. Tough kids.

    Folks on Twitter seem to be really glad they went, tho.

  3. My first time at BCC, had a good time, and it was all about comics. My only complaint was that there weren’t a ton of mid-high level artists there, and the ones that were there didn’t seem to be doing much sketching. Still, good time was had.

  4. The one section that seemed slow to me was the retail end. Slow, and not terribly fun — lots of ugly tempers and ugly high prices. Most of the crowd seemed to be at the con to visit with and buy from the talent, which I found pretty gratifying.

    This may be my view only, but that’s the sense I got.

  5. It certainly was busier than in previous years, to the point that I’m thinking about only going on Sunday instead of Saturday. Despite the crush of people I will say that I was able to make purchases from both Terry Moore and Colleen Coover without having to wait in a line, which I thought was both convenient and odd given that they were two of the most talented people there.