b.b. free has got to get free in issue #2 of the BOOM! Box series written by Gabby Rivera, illustrated by Royal Dunlap, and lettered by Jim Campbell. Following on the heels of major revelations in the series debut, this sunshine-drenched apocalyptic world is about to get even more complicated, as b.b. is about to find out.

This series follows our young, eponymous hero, who lives in a small, close-knit community in the Florida Islands with her dad, years after the Plague That Ate Greed wiped out the ultra rich. In b.b.’s community, everyone shares with and supports each other, which sounds ideal — but of course, not everything is as it seems. b.b. is becoming a teenager, and as she starts to get more interested in the world beyond her home, a series of discoveries push her to leave in a hurry.

In issue #2, she seeks help from the only person she can trust, but is that the right move for either of them?

Today, The Beat can reveal an exclusive first look at b.b. free #2, which hits shelves on Dec. 11, 2019 at your local comic shop and on digital platforms. Check out the solicit text, main issue cover by series artist Royal Dunlap, and a variant cover by Natacha Bustos, as well as a five-page, unlettered preview.

Writer: Gabby Rivera
Artist: Royal Dunlap
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: BOOM! Box
FOC: November 18, 2019
Diamond Code: OCT191427

After discovering that her father was not the person she had always believed him to be, b.b. is on the run to the only person she can trust: her radio show partner, Chulita. But with b.b.’s mysterious powers getting stronger everyday, and her father’s mysterious organization on her trail, b.b. won’t find the safe haven she expects… and she may be putting her only friend in danger.

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