Another comics company is going multimedia as Artists, Writers and Artisans (AWA) has just announced the launch of AWA Studios with Zach Studin as president. Studin, formerly of John Wells Productions, Lava Bear Films and Lionsgate, will oversee development of AWA’s comics branching into film, TV and other media.

AWA launched last year, headed (comics-wise) by Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso, with books by J. Michael Straczynski, Mike Deodato and Garth Ennis, among others.

You can get the whole story in the very thorough PR, below:

Zach Studin_Headshot

Artists, Writers and Artisans (AWA), the artist-first, creator-owned publisher of graphic fiction, today announced the launch of AWA Studios and the appointment of Zach Studin as President. Studin will oversee entertainment industry partnerships for the new group within AWA, whose focus will be to build an array of new film and TV projects utilizing the company’s burgeoning library of groundbreaking stories. Studin, a former John Wells Productions, Lava Bear Films and Lionsgate executive, has a track record and deep industry relationships perfectly suited to bringing AWA’s exciting new and diverse characters, breathtaking and varied worlds, and enthralling, original narratives to film and TV audiences across the globe.

Backed by Lupa Systems, Sister and Lightspeed, AWA was founded by former Marvel executives Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso, and is chaired by Jon Miller. AWA has assembled a lineup of the world’s most renowned comic book talent, including such creators as J. Michael Straczynski, Mike Deodato and Garth Ennis, all of whom are founding members of AWA’s Creative Council. AWA gives creators the freedom, incentive structure and editorial support to pursue their boldest and most original work.

Armed with some of the freshest and most critically-acclaimed comic books in a generation, AWA is starting a new chapter in Hollywood, with Studin in charge of the mission to grow this compelling IP into film, TV and beyond.

“AWA offers writers and artists the best deals in the business.  We pay cash advances, respect creator ownership, actively encourage creative freedom, provide stellar editorial support, and run publishing and marketing on a turnkey basis.  We do that because we want the best creators to do their best work here.  So far, so good”, said, CEO Bill Jemas, “In the 16 months since we released our first books, AWA has published 22 original series in 86 comic-length episodes with nearly 250 new characters and established ourselves an industry leader in terms of our treatment of our artists and writers and for the significance and quality an of their work, With years of industry experience and a true talent for development and production, Zach is the perfect bridge from comics and graphic novel publishing to feature film and TV programming.” 

“While technology is constantly changing the way we view things, the one constant for success is great storytelling. Having been at the forefront of creating the world’s most popular comic books and watching with pride how these characters have evolved into the world’s most popular and successful movie and television franchises, I am intimately aware that when a character, story or series resonates with comic book fans, it is something that film and television creators should be looking at closely,” said AWA Chief Creative Officer Alonso. “From a creative standpoint, we will continue to focus on making sure that we deliver jaw-dropping stories that will give a Zach the fuel he needs to make AWA Studios an ideal partner for the world’s best filmmakers and for Hollywood Studios.”

Studin comes to AWA following his 15+ years overseeing and building film projects for John Wells, Lava Bear, Lionsgate as well as his own shingle, Veri Media. During his career, he has purchased, developed, packaged and overseen production on numerous feature films – including the eight-time Academy Award Nominated film, ARRIVAL – and successfully built new company slates at Lionsgate and Lava Bear. Most recently, while leading Veri Media, Studin built a robust film & TV slate including the upcoming Espen Sandberg directed feature film, The Prize, which is being financed by Village Roadshow and is scheduled to go into production in winter of 2022.

“Story is the epicenter of our industry and the currency of our community. Within the pages of AWA’s comic books and graphic novels reside this generation’s wellspring of truly great new stories. Seeing the range of genres, breadth and diversity of characters and the distinct worlds they inhabit – what comes into focus are the exceptional artists, writers and artisans behind these exhilarating new creations,” said Studin. “It is a privilege to join Bill, Axel, Jon and our incredible team. I look forward to leading AWA Studios, curating our treasured stories and working tirelessly to build an endless array of opportunities with the best filmmakers on the planet. The story of AWA Studios is just beginning, we’re going to have a lot of fun and it’s going to show, on screens around the world.”

He received his Bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University.