Great reveal at the end.

That said there’s nothing incredibly spectacular in this trailer aside from the fact it’s the friggin’ Avengers. Like, if it was called…Thunderbirds, you’d think it was pretty typical.

However, in Joss we trust.


  1. It’s interesting to see Downey onscreen w/ little-knowns like Evans and—whatever the name is of the guy who plays Thor. Ruffalo is a known quantity, but more as a character actor, while Ms, Johanssen is a star in her own right. Could Downey’s “I don’t play well w/ others” line have a double meaning, lol?

  2. @Keyser Actually, the same thing happened with the cap movie. Besides a couple publicity pics, Chris Evans always appeared in photos without his mask, which didn’t happen that much in the film. So I guess they’re playing the same routine here.

  3. Everything about this trailer is brilliant! Tom Hiddleston looks bad ass as Loki! And I’m looking forward to seeing a super-hero movie that isn’t just the hero fighting an evil clone of himself.

    Can’t wait to take the whole family to see this one.

    (Think I should take Ultimates 2 out of the long box for a re-read while I wait).

  4. I really want to be excited about this (regardless of the fact that Joss Whedon dialogue gives me hives), but the trailer just feels so…generic. I’m hoping that, as more comes out, I’ll actually feel something more than vague interest simply because the movie’s called “The Avengers.”

  5. “nothing incredibly spectacular in the trailer”? I agree, except for Cap vaulting over a car, Thor about to smash his hammer into Cap’s shield, Hulk hulking out, Stark dropping one liners, Nick Fury firing a rocket launcher, Black Widow doing her thing, and ALL OF THEM DOING IT IN THE SAME MOVIE! Everything is spectacular about this trailer! I am so excited for this I feel stupid. I really really want to try and avoid seeing or hearing anything else about it until I see it in the theater but I know there is no way I will be that disciplined.

  6. Pretty sure this, like the trailer attached to the end of Captain America, is still just meant to whet our appetites. The first big trailer is probably going to be attached to a big name film.

  7. I jst can;t help but shake my head at people who aren’t “excited by the trailer becasue it feels so generic”. Trailers are about building the brand reocgnition in the borader public. To achieve that you want it to be generic at this stage. You want people to feel comfrtyable that they know what they will get from this film. All this trailer is doing (remember they just finished shooting it so these shots were completed especially for the film) was letting people know that a film is coming out next summer that brings all the superhoes together. That’s it.