By Todd Allen

Even with Men In Black III (technically, another Marvel movie since Marvel acquired Malibu) taking over the top spot, Avengers is holding up very well with 4-day weekend haul estimated at $46,878,000.  It only lost 331 theaters and it’s still rolling along.

Currently sitting at #4 for both global and domestic box office, Avengers is very close to taking over the #3 spot for both.  Current, The Dark Knight has the #3 slot for all time domestic with $533,345,358.  Avengers is roughly $10 million behind that mark with $523,563,000, according to Box Office Mojo.  Unless there’s a drastic drop off, Avengers should take over the #3 domestic slot by Friday, at the latest.

On the global side of the balance sheet, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is sitting at #3 with $1.3281 billion.  Avenger is roughly $23 million behind that with $1.3055 billion.  It would take a drastic drop off for the Avengers not to pass the Hogwarts by next Sunday.

MiB3 is estimated at $70 million domestic / 203.2 million global in it’s opening bow.  Three weeks in, Dark Shadows has totaled a bit under $65 million domestic / 171 million global.  John Carter, still in the theaters with an estimated $299,000 for the 4 day weekend, is up to 72.5 million domestic / 282.2 million global.

Next week, Snow White and Thor… I mean, Snow White and the Huntsman, is the big film opening with 3,700 seats.  In theory, the Twilight fans are supposed to be out in force for that one.  The week after that, Madagascar 3 and Prometheus opens.  Avengers is still pulling in nearly $12,000 per screen, which is very impressive 4 weeks in… but as more high profile films come out, how many screens Avengers can hold on to will determine how much higher it climbs.  So far, so god.


  1. Actually, it already is the #3 of all time if you are talking worldwide. Most of the international numbers haven’t been updated since 5/13. That will probably add another $100 to $200 million.

  2. The international numbers are updated. It’s true that when you go to “FOREIGN” it shows some countries aren’t, but the overall number is. Still, very impressive numbers.