Next week Dark Horse Comics will release Avatar: Adapt or Die #2. The latest issue of the series spinning out of James Cameron‘s blockbuster movie is written by Corinna Bechko, illustrated by Beni R. Lobel, colored by Wes Dzioba, and lettered by Michael Heisler, with a cover by Mark Molchan. Today The Beat has an exclusive preview of the issue, which finds the residents of Pandora in crisis in the face of a rapidly-spreading disease.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Avatar: Adapt or Die #2:

A common childhood ailment is revealed to be much more as symptoms among Na’vi children intensify. As Mo’at searches for a cure, she worries the infection was caused by humans. Meanwhile, Grace makes a discovery-one that questions her role in this crisis.

While this current Dark Horse Comics series is a prequel to the original 2009 Avatar movie, fans of the franchise got their first look at the long-in-development sequel to the film earlier this month. The first trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water released two weeks ago, and teased the release of the movie in December. With the new movie taking place about 10 years after the events of the previous one, it’ll be interesting to see how Dark Horse’s offerings in the world of the series reflect or fill in gaps between the films.

Check out the exclusive preview of Avatar: Adapt or Die #2 (of 6) below. The next issue of the series is due out in stores and digitally next Wednesday, June 1st.


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