Artist Ashley Wood ruminates on the occasion of a collected edition of AUTOMATIC KAFKA, his surreal but energizing collaboration with writer Joe Casey, most recently lauded as part of the WildStorm heritage. What Thrillerwas to the ’80s, this was to the Aughts, and it’s fantastic that it’s finally been collected. Only one catch…it’s in French Spanish.

This is my Watchmen, Joe and me really put our hearts and souls into this, and is actually a very layered story which was canceled well before its conclusion. Of course it was panned from the get-go, reviewers followed each others lead and wrote it off as drivel traditionally a good sign in my books.

But Joe and me carried on, we knew it was special, and still do. I think it has more fans now then then ?

This book pretty much ended my career at DC/Wildstorm, not such a bad thing, but my dreams of Batman were taken out back and shot three time in the head. :)


  1. Just one little thing that I’d like to point out … it’s not in French, it’s in spanish. You can see it on the scan of the cover, it says “un comic de superheroes” and the publisher, Norma, is definitely spanish.

  2. Sad to read on Wood’s blog that a collection in English has been denied repeatedly by the DC/Wildstorm bosses. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  3. i really loved (love) this book. i have the singles and a collected edition would be welcome. s’been a while since i have read it. good excuse to dig them out.

  4. That’s a damn crime that there is no American hardcover or even trade for this terribly underlooked gem of a comic. It’s like DC wanted Wildstorm to fail and wouldn’t display its amazing work like this brilliant series.