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REVIEW: Love and misunderstandings in BLUE FLAG

Blue Flag is a shonen romance series noted for having a compelling narrative involving queer characters.

REVIEW: A timid girl gets a royal transformation in Keiko Ishihara’s...

Prince Freya's juxtaposition of gruesome moments and heated political intrigue with the presence of Freya and her posse of pretty boy guards gives this fantasy manga a surprising edge.

REVIEW: MY ANDROGYNOUS BOYFRIEND sweetly says “no thank you” to gender...

My Androgynous Boyfriend is populated by charming characters, a sweet romance grounded in real mutual affection, and a clean, fashionable, and fun aesthetic.

REVIEW: Mita Ori’s OUR DINING TABLE serves a heaping helping of...

Our Dining Table is pure catharsis, like a bowl of hearty soup on a brisk winter day.

REVIEW: MY FATHER IS A UNICORN brings new meaning to the...

Monaka Suzuki’s My Father Is a Unicorn is a sweet and silly comedy centered around a most preposterous “what-if” scenario.

REVIEW: WHAT’S MICHAEL? is the funniest, canniest cat comic in print

There is no end to the imaginative scenarios posed in What's Michael?, and the mix of absurdity and genuine observation of cats drive the comedy to rollicking heights.

REVIEW: THE MAN WITHOUT TALENT and the grind of poverty

The Man Without Talent allows the author and the reader to explore the fantasy of leading a contemplative life while remaining honest about the consequences.

REVIEW: A shot at redemption comes in HELL’S PARADISE: JIGOKURAKU

Jigokuraku is alternately a violent action series and a psychological thriller with compelling, complex characters.

REVIEW: Coming out of our shell with KOMI CAN’T COMMUNICATE

Komi Can't Communicate is cute and fun, something that injects a little positivity into the world.

REVIEW: OUR DREAMS AT DUSK is a powerful and necessary queer...

Our Dreams At Dusk is a masterpiece of a series that will surely influence, inspire, and uplift readers for many generations to come.


For that kid who has a penchant for the odd, and for any grown-up who hasn’t lost their sense of wonder.

REVIEW: The nightmare landscape of THE PITS OF HELL

Ebisu Yoshikazu’s The Pits of Hell, takes its readers on a wild ride through an angry, disturbed, frustrated man’s psyche.