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REVIEW: Highlighting the retail struggle with SKULL-FACE BOOKSELLER HONDA-SAN

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san pulls back the curtain on working in book retail through a loosely fictionalized autobiographical account by someone in the industry.

REVIEW: Every artist’s journey beings with a BLANK CANVAS

Higashimura is not afraid to make fun of herself, and not afraid to show those parts of her story that are less than flattering.

REVIEW: When CLASSMATES fall in love

An exciting addition to the North American manga oeuvre as an example of excellence within its genre.

REVIEW: Friendship and cultural exchange in SATOKO AND NADA

Essentially, Satoko and Nada is truly wholesome.

REVIEW: Junji Ito’s horrifying and hilarious SMASHED anthology

Smashed is another triumph of both design and spookiness.

REVIEW: Can carnivore instinct be overcome in BEASTARS?

Our full review of Paru Itagaki's Beastars

Review: Traversing the Sea of Stars with SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO

Our full review of Space Battleship Yamato.