Thanks to the audiobook edition of Maia Kobabe‘s Gender Queer from Listening Library, available now, more people than ever can access the important and essential memoir.

If you’re interested in hearing what’s in store, can listen to an excerpt from Gender Queer‘s introduction below this article. 

Gender Queer Audiobook

An audiobook adaptation of Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe

The full-cast audiobook adaptation features Maia reading as eirself. Also in the cast is eir sibling, Phoebe Kobabe. And also appearing are Trini Alvarado, Stephen Graybill, Jeremy Carlisle Parker and André Santana.

In a press release, Kobabe explained that e was eager to participate in the audiobook adaptation of eir memoir. “Audiobooks are my constant companions,” e said. “I regularly listen to between 20 and 30 audiobooks in a year, and they provide the soundtrack to my drawing, my driving, my chores, and my walks…”

But as you might imagine, adapting a graphic memoir to an audiobook format can present its own challenges. “It was a satisfying creative challenge to adapt such a visual work into audiobook format and I was inspired to write some new material in the process,” e explained. “It was a dream come true to record these words in my own voice, and I hope every reader who loves the print version of the book finds something new to enjoy in the audiobook.”

In addition, an audiobook adaptation of Breathe: Journeys to Healthy Binding by Maia and Sarah Peitzmeier, PhD is also available.

Gender Queer and Breathe, available now

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Listen to an excerpt of Maia reading Gender Queer:

The Gender Queer audiobook adaptation is available now.