200711080253Everyone wants in on this comic book gravy train, and now New York Jets running back Darian Barnes is coming to the line of scrimmage — he’s teamed with a studio to bring his idea for a comic book to…the Internet as an animated series. Two trends for the price of one!

“This is like a dream come true for me, so I’m trying to stay even-keeled,” Barnes told The Associated Press. “It’s going to be big. When this project gets started, we’re going to get a lot of room to really make this special.”

The action-packed “National Triumph League” is centered on 10 teams of crime-fighting super-powered athletes called Triumphants, all with varying levels of talent and based in the likes of New York, Miami and Denver.

If only these supernauts could be enlisted to help the Jets (1-8) stop the run. And the pass. Just a thought.