After selling a 50% ownership to the new Mythos Studios film company, Aspen Comics isn’t done with announcements as Thursday the publisher released details on more books coming to stores as part of their 15th Anniversary.

On July 18th Michael Turner’s Soulfire returns for its seventh volume and celebrates its fifteen-year anniversary since its inception in 2013, with Aspen veteran writer J.T. Krul (Jirni, Green Arrow) and art by newcomer Chahine Ladjouze and Wes Hartman (Portal Bound, Fathom: Kiani).

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of its creation, Michael Turner’s incredible vision of magic and wonder returns for an all-new volume! As the new age of magic continues in the shadows of this future landscape, Malikai and his friends try to enjoy a little down time, but such plans never seem to last. Grace continues to serve as a protector for all things magic, more specifically the dragons, but she is growing tired of having to keep the true power of the world a secret. And, there is a new danger on the horizon, a new figure in the Soulfire universe who may be the greatest threat to the fragile balance between magic and technology yet!

In August, Awaken Skies, an all-new title created by Frank Mastromauro with art by Marco Lorenzana blends more science and fantasy.

A new world of flight prepares to take the Aspen Universe by storm! In the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain, a covert scientist discovers that possessing valuable data that could change the world comes with a dangerous price. However, it may be far too late for him to escape before the powers that be come to collect! Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a loving suburban family makes a similar discovery, that the world is indeed much smaller than it seems, and no one is safe!

In September, Dellec, returns for a second volume which picks up from the character’s appearance in the team book No World.

Vince Hernandez and J.T Krul will write a new book called Artifact One with art by Romina Moranelli. Both Artifact One and Awaken Skies will get #0 issues before their debuts.

Artifact One

To cap their third wave of books, comics veteran Scott Lobdell returns from writing movies to co-write the second volume of No World alongside Blake Northcott with art by Giuseppe Cafaro. As part of its premise, this upcoming volume will unite a new cast of some of the publisher’s most popular characters.