As spotted by good ol’ Kevin Melrose over at Robot 6, it appears that Disney are lining up for another Avenger appearance at Disneyland, to tie in with the upcoming Thor film.


In a post by Disney’s Communications Manager Shawn Slater on their blog, it’s explained that visitors in Autumn will be able to meet Thor in an Asgard setting. How this will be set up is unclear, although Disney had been able to set up similar promotions to coincide with Iron Man 3, earlier in the year. Perhaps they’ve found some other way around this? We won’t find out until next month, when Disney will unveil their plans.

This is all rather interesting, especially as Disney don’t have a license for Marvel characters in their Florida Park – that belongs to Universal Studios. There have been rumours that this won’t affect Eurodisney or other parks outside America, but so far Disney have been unable to do anything much with Marvel property in Florida..


  1. Easily solved. Disneyland is California. Disneyworld is Florida. If Asgard and Thor comes to Disneyland, they won’t trip over the licensing to Universal.

  2. My understanding is that Universals agreement covers the licensing of certain characters, not every character in the Marvel Universe or even every member of the X-Men. Since as far as I know Thor, (unlike Spidey, Cap, certain X-men members and the Hulk) doesn’t appear in any of the Universal parks that implies they don’t have the license for him. So opening Asgard world in Disneyland should not be an issue.

  3. I’ve heard what James Veitch posted over at a couple of Disney sites with good records for getting solid information about theme park operations. Marvel’s contract with Universal applies to parks east of the Mississippi only. The short lived Marvel restaurant at Universal Studios Hollywood either operated on a separate contract or its closing voided the contract on the West Coast. I’ve never seen a clear explanation for which scenario is correct. Anyhow, it seems that Disney can do whatever they want with the Marvel properties in Anaheim; up to and including building a whole Marvel theme park on their “Third Gate” property. There is no reason to think that they will, but they can.

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