Via Tweet that sparked 7,000 likes and 500 comments, Greg Capullo announced this weekend that he’d re-signed with DC Comics.

He also promised that he and his frequent collaborator, writer Scott Snyder, would produce their “biggest adventure yet.” Here’s the Tweet:

Re-signing a long-tenured company artist like Capullo — he’s been almost entirely with DC since 2011 — is never as exciting as stealing one away from Marvel. Still, Capullo returning to DC is a big get. Capullo has a proven working relationship with Snyder (see the New 52 Batman, see Dark Nights: Metal). Snyder, along with Brian Michael Bendis and Tom King, is one of the three guiding voices right now within DC. Keeping his favorite guy working for the company is, clearly, a great thing.

So, what is this biggest adventure yet Capullo speaks of? Past adventures with Snyder have included creating the only two new Batman villains of the past 20 years or so likely to become permanent within the mythos, those being the Court of Owls and the Batman Who Laughs. The vaunted Snyder and Capullo team were also tapped to do Dark Nights: Metal, which was the first major event story of DC’s Rebirth era.

To top all that, something would have to be very big. Snyder, however, is fond of talking at cons about how he’d like to do a Dark Nights: Metal sequel, and about how everything he has done within Justice League is leading to an epic climax in the next few years. At this point, the shocker would be if it’s not drawn by Greg Capullo.

Greg Capullo.