Johnny Recon No 01 By Popgunpulp
We know nothing about the comic JOHNNY RECON by writer Scott Dillon and artist Mitch Gerads, but the cover is kinda cool — Gerads has a background in package design and it shows. More at the POPGUNPULP COMICS! site.


  1. I’ve known Mitch Gerads for a few years now, and I’m honored to say that I
    was able to watch the creation of this comic… pretty much from day one. The kid
    is built for comics and I’m pretty sure he was born with a pencil in hand (ouch).
    From the story line, to the incredible initial sketches… the finalized drawings and the amazingly unique, visually explosive colorwork… Johnny Recon is a wildly fun ride and this is only issue one! I may be biased, but I also know something that is truly good when i see it. Check out Johnny Recon!