Kicking off a new charity campaign, Archie Comics and Random House have teamed with Toys For Tots, and given away free comics to children this Christmas. Coming as part of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, this is a part of ‘Archie’s Give-A-Book Campaign’.


Toys For Tots is a not-for-profit charity which takes new unwrapped toys and distributes them to less fortunate children in local communities, and has been running since 1995, and runs through the U.S. Marine Corps. As part of their efforts supporting the charity, Archie have given away a million dollars worth of comics to the charity, and will also be featuring the organisation in an upcoming story for Archie Double Digest #246.

In that story, the characters will pitch in as volunteers for Toys for Tots, in a story called ‘Holiday Heroes’.


Archie CEO Jon Goldwater says:

We couldn’t think of a worthier or better charity to donate our books to than Toys For Tots. We are extremely proud to encourage children to discover reading who may not have the opportunity and hopefully enrich their lives through our characters.

To find out more about Toys for Tots, and how you can get involved, please follow through the link here.


  1. This is so great to see. Comics have played a major role in the history of American literacy. The people who can benefit most from the value of comics are very often the ones who can least afford to purchase them. Comics foster the joy of reading which then opens the door to a joy of learning.
    Kudos to the folks at Archie Comics!

  2. Hmmm.

    Maybe I’m being too cynical, but in all honesty, the first thing that popped into my head was “tax write-off.”

  3. Fantastic corporate citizens. The Archie Group continue to amaze me with their innovation, brand updates and generosity.

  4. Archie has a long history working with worthwhile organizations addressing social concerns. This partnership with Toys for Toys’ Literacy initiative is especially great and generous. Archie’s charity is now matching their recent stupendous creativity!

  5. If only Archie Comics were remotely as “great and generous” with their creators such as Bob Bolling, Stan Goldberg and of course, the late Dan Decarlo.

  6. I would love to see all the “major” publishers step up and donate to charities around the world during the Holiday Season, but it’s great to see Archie Comics doing this….makes me want to read more of their stuff.

  7. Es algo muy positivo de parte de Archie comics, hay muchas empresas que solo destruyen vidas y no hacen nada para ayudar a los mas necesitados por lo que lo que es muy digno de una buena empresa que ayuda al prójimo, espero que otros sigan su ejemplo.

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