Archie-DarkhorseWhat’s this now??? It’s can’t be! More turmoil!

NO! Just the announcement that Dark Horse and Archie are teaming up to publish the Archie Archives.

The Archie Archives will consist of hardcover volumes, in Dark Horse’s archive format, featuring Archie Comics mainstay characters of “Archie”,  “Betty”, “Jughead”, “Veronica” and the other characters in the Riverdale Universe.  Each individual title will begin with the earliest published issue and move forward in chronological order.  Each volume will be approximately 200-250 pages, feature embossed printing, a dust-jacket and carry both Archie Comics and Dark Horse names and logos.  The initial plan is to release three volumes of each individual title per calendar year, with each volume retailing for $49.95. According to Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson, the series will run indefinitely.
Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater stated, “We have seen the quality and care Dark Horse has put in to restoring and collecting material for their archival series, and we are looking forward to making our early MLJ library of classic material available to a new generation of  kids and collectors.”

Whew, we were worried there for a moment.


  1. Wasn’t this announced last month? I remember there being some confusion over Dark Horse Archie (comicbooks) and IDW Archie (comicstrips).

    Although… both Archie and Harvey Comics have recognizable characters which could be marketed in a variety of media…

    I wonder if many kids will be interested in the older Archie stories… and are there many adult collectors? I’m sure the numbers compute, just do not see a wide audience for this. (Compare and contrast with the Archie Americana volumes.)

  2. A great idea, but too ambitious for my wallet. I’d love to get all of these, but 3 volumes of each title a year adds up really, really quickly. So I probably will just pick one series to follow. Even at that, we’re talking $150 a year! yikes!