An Aquaman 80th anniversary celebration anthology is slated for August, bringing readers a 100-page book about the Atlantean sea king, DC Comics has announced.

The book is set to hit on August 31, with the usual long list of creators, some of which (but not all) are key contributors to the character’s history. For writers, names include Dan Jurgens, Geoff Johns, Brandon Thomas, Chuck Brown, Stephanie Phillips, Michael Moreci, Marguerite Bennett, Dan Watters, Jeff Parker, and Becky Cloonan. For artists, the list is Steve Epting, Paul Pelletier, Valentine de Landro, Hendry Prasetya, Pop Mhan, Trungles, Miguel Mendonça, Evan “Doc” Shaner, and more.

The other fun bit for this Aquaman 80th anniversary anthology (like all those other DC Comics character anniversary anthologies that have come before it) is the list of artists who will be doing decade-themed variants. That list with corresponding decades is Michael Cho for the 1940s, Ramona Fradon for the 1950s, Walt Simonson for the 1960s, José Luis García-López for the 1970s, Chuck Patton/Kevin Nowlan for the 1980s, Yvel Guichet for the 1990s, Becky Cloonan for the 2000s, and Robson Rocha for the 2010s. Those are all, it should be noted, card stock variant covers.

Aquaman first appeared in November 1941’s More Fun Comics #73. The main cover version of the Aquaman 80th anniversary 100-page anthology is priced at $9.99, and each of those aforementioned card stock variant covers will be priced at $10.99. None of them have been revealed as of yet, but hey, part of the fun with these things is waiting for the covers to start trickling (is that a sea pun? kind of? who knows) out to readers.

You can check out the main version of the cover — which is by the New 52 Aquaman headlining team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado — below.

Aquaman 80th Anniversary