Earlier this year Dark Horse published Fear Cases, a 4-issue horror comic book miniseries from prolific writer Matt Kindt and the husband and wife art team of Tyler Jenkins Hilary Jenkins. The series was a smash hit selling out the first issue before it was released. So it’s no surprise then that today Dark Horse announced that Kindt and the Jenkinses are collaborating for Apache Delivery Service, another horror 4-issue miniseries.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Apache Delivery Service:

In the jungles of Vietnam, two men are on the hunt for a cache of missing gold from World War II. The men follow a trail of mysteriously mutilated corpses as they navigate through jungle, war and a maze of caves. Can these men trust each other? Is there a serial killer on the loose? And is there truth to the rumors – that a clan of ancient witches is guarding the missing Nazi gold?

“Easily the most unsettling story I’ve written and for-sure the creepiest art I’ve seen Tyler and Hilary come up with.” – Matt Kindt

“I have been wanting to make a book set during and in the Vietnam War for a really long time; it is such an interesting period. This book has been a joy to work on. Matt’s scripts are intense and subtle and delivers a rather grim ride into hell.” – Tyler Jenkins

Some of the early praise for the miniseries:

“Definitely pick up this book if you’re a horror crime fan.”–Comics: The Gathering

“…this feels like yet another win for Kindt and Jenkins.”–Big Comic Page

“This is the kind of comic one desperately wants to continue reading once an issue is done.”–Graphic Policy

“…Matt Kindt has done an excellent job of making me look forward to what’s coming in the future.”–Comicbook.com

Apache Delivery Service #1 goes on sale in comic shops on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Apache Delivery Service