Just ahead of NYCC’s big Hellboy movie panel, that will feature the cast as well as Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, a new poster makes its debut with David Harbour in full “terrible destiny” mode.

As everyone knows, Hellboy is the prophesized Beast of the Apocalypse, and though he’s attempted to thwart that destiny at every turn…and often breaking his horns off in the process…there’s always some nefarious schemer looking to drag him back into that fiery end.

There’ll be more to see on Saturday at 11 am during the panel itself, and almost certainly we’ll see a trailer (if we’re very good boys and girls), but in the meantime here’s your first look at the new Hellboy ready to unleash the end times.

And again, I can’t stress this enough, pick up a copy of that new omnibus edition of “The Wild Hunt” that came out back in July. This new movie is apparently going to be very faithful to that trilogy of stories held within.



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