According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins has signed up as Odin, all-father and dad of the the hero in the Thor movie now underway.


  1. Great. The powerful, virile god Odin is going to be played by an old, short, puny Welshman….I thought Liam Neeson was being cast as Odin. Oh, well.
    Looks like they’re rounding out the cast with old men beyond their prime looking to whore themselves out as much as humanly possible before they die. Oh, well.

  2. Somehow, I’m now really wanting to see Hopkins and Branagh in a live-action version of Kirby’s iconic Thor #127 cover…

  3. Well… this kinda does smack of Marlon Brando as Jor-El…. but at least he’s a good actor.

    And while I know the Marvel version of Odin is more Hell’s Angel than the Vertigo Homeless guy, I think it will work out okay.

    Besides, I think the fanboys will be distracted by Jane Foster and Lady Sif.