LiminalComics_Logo-K.pngIt seems Karen Berger and Shelly Bond aren’t the only ex-Vertigo editors who can’t stay away from the comics game. Alisa Kwitney, who worked at Vertigo back in the day has launched Liminal Comics, as an imprint of Brain Mill Press, an indie publisher that specializes in “love books for humans.”  Liminal was set up at MoCCA to get the word out about their launch title, Future Echoes, by Al Davison (The Spiral Cage) and artist Yen Quach.

Kwitney describes the imprint’s mission as “Love Stories for Outcasts, Rebels & Misfits.”

FE-banner-300dpi-shortFuture Echoes fits the bill as a tale of Harlan a disabled man who investigates a haunted Victorian mansion and finds out more about his abilities and limitations in the process.

Since her time working on titles including Sandman, Kwitney has been busy writing and teaching, with nine published novels. The Beat’s own Maggie Vicknair is assistant editor at Liminal.

I had a chance to sit down with Kwitney to talk about her publishing plans and she’s got lots of ideas coming. It’s good to have her back in the game.

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