Blackfury13We’re spending a little time chilling by the pool*, and sifting through all the pr that’s come through over the last week or so. Still working on a few more essays but that will be when we are a bit more mentally recovered.

* ALERT! METAPHORICAL USE ONLY! NO actual pool lounging meant or implied. In reality we are just sitting here staring at a computer screen.

Cover image via Bully’s Mane Event cover collection and Jacob Covey’s confession that he is a Animal-Fight-Furry:

I can’t really say WHY I’m so drawn to unlikely animal fights portrayed in comics/teen adventure book covers but, man, I really do. My dream is to do a book of animal conflict (ala Beasts!) but I can’t justify it to myself. ANYway, Mike Baehr pointed me to this site which slakes my thirst for Horse Fights. This is the fourth image I’ve found of “Bears Vs. Horses,” the theoretical title to my nonexistent book.