AngrybirdsOne of the worlds biggest franchises is getting its own comics series, as IDW has announced it will publish Angry Birds comics starting in June.

Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin are among those crafting the tales of Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Matilda, King Pig and so on. The deal is being run on Rovio’s end by Jukka Heiskanen, Rovio’s Editor-In-Chief of Comics.

The announcement of Angry Birds comics is in some ways a full circle thing—Rovio co-founder Mikael Hed was a webcartoonist befre be became a billionaire, and there have been several webcomics based on game releases over the years. Putting it in print was a no brainer.

Angry Birds, a game of physics and funny sound effects, has been downloaded 2 billion times via various adventures in space, with Star Wars, in Rio and so on. IT’s been licensed for toys and Halloween Costumes, candy and just about everything else. A tv series and a movie are also in the works.

“The Angry Birds comics are a perfect way of getting to know the characters, their personalities, and their world more closely. I hope that readers of all ages will have fun with these comics by top-notch creators,” said Heiskanen in a statement.

Look for this on newsstands in June…and keep popping those pigs!


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