Angoulême 2022, the renowned International Festival of Comic Art, has announced its official selections of titles for next year’s event, set to take place (covid-permitting) January 27-30. The main Official Selection of Angoulême 2022 contains 46 titles, including the latest works of Charles Burns, Junji Ito, Rutu Modan, Michael DeForge, Marguerite Abouet, Michel Fiffe and Riad Sattouf. An additional six categories – including heritage selections, books for kids aged 8-12, and for kids 12-16 – cumulatively bring the total number of championed works to 83.

Angouleme 2022

All eligible books must be published in the French language and available in French bookstores between December 1, 2020 and November 30, 2021. Selecting juries are a combination of journalists, creators, and booksellers with a broad knowledge of the medium. Thirteen prizes will be awarded to books from the selections at the festival in January.

It is always interesting checking out the lists and seeing both the diversity of material (in terms of origin and styles) and which stuff is already familiar and available in English.

Spotted in the hustle is the fourteenth volume in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot (published by IDW in English), and the newest volume in Émile Bravo‘s Spirou (itself a reimagining of the classic Franco-Belgian character set in WW2) – the latter of which has been quite a festival favourite in the past. Also, not to forget, the sixth book in award-winning Blacksad series can be found in the list.

Charles Burns’ Dédales, now in its second volume, began in 2019. It has yet to receive an English language release but presumably a big collection will be on the way sooner or later.

Anneli Furmark‘s Walk Me To The Corner will make its English language debut with Drawn & Quarterly in March 2022, so we have to wait to check this out. On the other hand – Kevin Huizenga‘s 2019 graphic novel The River at Night (also from D&Q) only recently received its French language debut. So we aren’t totally deprived.

Angouleme 2022
That’s a lot of books…and that’s not all of them!

You can dig through full list of the works and categories for Angoulême 2022 below.


Last month, Angoulême 2022 released the official posters for the festival – featuring 2021 Grand Prix honoree Chris Ware alongside Fanny Michaëlis and Jun Mayuzuki.

According to the Festival [translated by DeepL]:

“The Angoulême Festival continues to affirm its desire to welcome and promote comics from all over the world – an approach that matches the strong bond our country has with the medium. Once again, three artists have come to symbolize this desire by designing the posters for the 49th edition of the event.”

And, as always, the specially commissioned posters for the festival are sumptuous works.

“Elected by his peers as Grand Prix 2021, American artist Chris Ware has left his mark on comics with his ability to reinvent the medium and rework its codes.”

“Carried by an ethereal, spontaneous aesthetic, both powerfully evocative and terribly delicate, Japanese Jun Mayuzuki works a character-signature, graceful and bewitching, calling for travel and reverie.”

“For French author Fanny Michaëlis, she is at the origin of a graphic universe melting reality and dreams, with powerful and dense colors.”


NOTE TO READERS: For all titles in the Angoulême 2022 selections we at Stately Beat Manor have endeavored to provide links to the English language editions, if any. In cases with no English release, we have provided DeepL translations of titles alongside original titles to help give you an idea of the books themselves.

Angoulême 2022 Official Selection
[46 Titles]

Alerte 5 [tr: Alert 5], Max de Radiguès (Casterman)
Blacksad vol. 6, Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Dargaud) — available in English from Europe Comics
Cheese, Zuzu (Casterman)
Couacs au Mont-Vérité [tr: Turmoil on Vérité Mountain], Jean-Christophe Menu (Dargaud)
Daruchan, Lemon Haruna (Le Lézard Noir)
Dédales vol.2, Charles Burns (Cornélius)
Des vivants [tr: The Living], Raphaël Meltz, Louise Moaty and Simon Roussin (2024)
Du bruit dans le ciel [tr: Noises from the Sky], David Prudhomme (Futuropolis)
Écoute [Listen], Jolie Márcia, Marcello Quintanilha (çà et là)
Énergies Noires [tr: Dark Energy — collects Baby in the Boneyard and They Live in Me from Hollow Press], Jesse Jacobs (Tanibis)
Fox-Boy vol.2, Laurent Lefeuvre (Komics Initiative)
Glenn Ganges dans le flot des souvenirs, Kevin Huizenga (Delcourt) —- available in English from D&Q as The River at Night
L’Américain [tr: The American], Loïc Guyon (Sarbacane)
Les Mystères de Hobtown vol 2: L’Ermite maudit, Kris Bertin et Alexander Forbes (Pow Pow) — available in English as The Cursed Hermit from Counundrum Press
L’Hiver de Tulipe [tr: Tulip’s Winter], Sophie Guerrive (2024)
La Fin de juillet [tr: The End of July], Maria Rostocka (Éditions FLBLB)
La Vie Souterraine [tr: The Underground Life], Camille Lavaud Benito (Les Requins Marteaux)
Le Bateau de Thésée vol.10 [tr: The Ship of Theseus], Toshiya Higashimoto (Vega Dupuis)
Le fil d’Ariane, récit d’une trahison [tr: Ariadne’s thread, a tale of betrayal], Nadja (Actes Sud BD)
Le Grand Vide [tr: The Great Divide], Léa Murawiec (2024)
Le Jeune Acteur vol.1: Aventures de Vincent Lacoste au cinéma [tr: Young Actor: The Adventures of Vincent Lacoste in Cinema], Riad Sattouf (Les livres du futur)
Le Rêve de Malinche [tr: Dream of Malinche], Gonzalo Suárez and Pablo Auladell (Les éditions de la Cerise)
Le Tambour de la Moskova [tr: Drum of the Moskova], Simon Spruyt (Le Lombard)
Les Amants de Shamhat: La véritable histoire de Gilgamesh [tr: The Lovers of Shamhat: The True Story of Gilgamesh], Charles Berberian (Futuropolis)
Les fleurs du cimetière [tr: Cemetary Flowers], Edmond Baudoin (L’Association)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol.14, Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Dave Wachter and Cory Smith (Hi Comics) — vol. 18 of the IDW releases
Maman amoureuse de tous les enfants [tr: Mother’s love for all children], Lucas Méthé (Actes Sud BD)
Mauvaise Herbe vol. 4 [tr: Bad Seed], Keigo Shinzô (Le Lézard Noir)
Mégafauna, Nicolas Puzenat (Sarbacane)
Natsuko no Sake vol. 5 [tr: Natsuko’s Sake], Akira Oze (Vega Dupuis)
Panorama, Michel Fiffe (Delirium) —- available in English from Dark Horse Comics
Pucelle vol.2: Confirmée [tr: Pucelle: Confirmed], Florence Dupré La Tour (Dargaud)
Revanche [tr: Revenge], Alex Baladi (The Hoochie Coochie)
Saint-Elme vol. 1 [tr: St. Elmo], Serge Lehman and Frederik Peeters (Delcourt)
Schappi, Anna Haifisch (Misma)
Sensor, Junji Itô (Mangetsu) — available in English from Viz
Le Spirou d’Emile Bravo: l’espoir malgré tout Part 3, Émile Bravo (Dupuis) — previous volumes available digitally as Emile Bravo’s Spirou: Hope Against All Odds via Europe Comics
Sur la piste, Henry McCausland (Presque lune) — available in English as Eight-Lane Runaways from Fantagraphics
Tunnels, Rutu Modan (Actes Sud BD) — available in English from D&Q
Un beau voyage [tr: A Beautiful Journey], Delphine Panique (Misma)
Un soir de fête [tr: A Festive Evening], Nina Lechartier (Magnani)
Un visage familiar, Michael DeForge (Atrabile) —- available in English from D&Q as Familiar Face
Une brève histoire du Robo-Sapiens Books 1 & 2, Toranosuke Shimada (Noeve Grafx) — in English from Seven Seas in December, just released digitally 
Walk me to the corner, Anneli Furmark (çà et là) — English edition coming in March 2022 from D&Q
Yojimbot vol. 1, Sylvain Repos (Dargaud) —- available in English from Europe Comics 

Sélection Patrimoine/Heritage Selection
[7 Titles]

Jérôme d’Alphagraph [tr: Jérôme of Alphagraph] , Nylso (Éditions FLBLB)
L’Envol [tr: The Flight], Kuniko Tsurita (Atrabile) —  D&Q released a collection The Sky is Blue With A Single Cloud in 2020
Maxiplotte, Julie Doucet (L’Association) — in English as Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet from D&Q
Sky Masters of the Space Force Books 1-2, Jack Kirby and Wallace Wood (Komics Initiative) —- Hermes Press did a collection that is now out of print. Still findable on Amazon etc.
Sock Monkey, Tony Millionaire (Huber) — in English from Fantagraphics
Stuck Rubber Baby, Howard Cruse (Casterman) — 25th anniversary edition was released from First Second in 2020
Une gamine dans la lune [tr: Girl in the Moonlight], Nicole Claveloux (Cornélius) — NYRC produced a hardcover collection of their work in 2017 under the title The Green Hand and other stories. A paperback edition is due next year.

Kids Selection (Ages 12 to 16)
[8 Titles]

Blue Period vol. 6, Tsubasa Yamaguchi (Pika) — Kodansha is releasing the series in English
Je crois que mon fils est gay vol.2, Okura (Akata) — released in English as I Think Our Son Is Gay
La Princesse Guerrière [tr: The Warrior Princess], Alexander Utkin (Gallimard BD) — much of this series is available in English from Nobrow
Les Sauroctones vol.2, Erwann Surcouf (Dargaud) — The Sauroktones is available in English digitally from Europe Comics
Les Saveurs du béton [tr: The Taste of Concrete], Kei Lam (Steinkis)
Snapdragon, Kat Leyh (Kinaye) — available in English in 2020 from First Second
Sylvain, Lucie Albrecht (Même pas mal)
Talli: fille de la lune vol.3 [tr: Talli: Daughter of the Moon] , Sourya (Ankama)

Kids Selection (Ages 8 to 12)
[8 Titles]

Bergères Guerrières vol.4 [tr: Warrior Shephards], Amélie Fléchais and Jonathan Garnier (Glénat)
Bienvenue à Bizarville, Tor Freeman (Sarbacane) — originally released as Welcome to Oddleigh from Bog-Eyed Books in 2018
Blue Lock vol. 5, Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura (Pika) — English edition from Kodansha
Il était une forme [tr: Once Upon A Form], Cruschiform and Gazhole (Maison Georges)
L’Année où je suis devenue ado [tr: The Year I Became A Teen], Nora Dåsnes (Casterman)
Lightfall vol. 1: La Dernière Flamme, Tim Probert (Gallimard BD) — released in English as Lightfall: The Girl & The Galdurian from Harper Alley
Ours [tr: Bear], Ben Queen and Joe Todd-Stanton (Kinaye) — Bear was released in English with BOOM!
Un été à Tsurumaki [tr: A Summer in Tsurumaki], Shin’ya Komatsu (Imho)

Sélection Fauve Polar SNCF
[7 Titles]

Commissaire Kouamé vol. 2: Un homme tombe avec son ombre [tr: Commissioner Kouamé: A Man Falls With His Shadow] – Marguerite Abouet and Donatien Mary (Gallimard BD)
Factomule, Øyvind Torseter (La Joie de lire)
Goodnight Paradise, Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli (Panini Comics) — English edition released in 2018 from TKO Studios
Impact, Gilles Rochier and Deloupy (Casterman)
L’Entaille, Antoine Maillard (Cornélius)
Nouveaux Détours [tr: New Detours], Jean-Claude Götting (Éditions Barbier)
Reckless, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Delcourt) — English edition published by Image Comics

Sélection Eco-Fauve Raja
[7 Titles]

Agughia, Hugues Micol (Dargaud)
La Désolation, Appollo and Christophe Gaultier (Dargaud) — Desolation is available in English digitally via Europe Comics
Le Droit du sol: Journal d’un vertige [tr: The Duty to the Earth: A Vertigo Journal], Étienne Davodeau (Futuropolis)
Le Monde sans fin [tr: The Endless World], Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici (Dargaud)
Les Oiseaux [tr: The Birds], Troubs (Futuropolis)
Mégantic: un train dans la nuit [tr: Mégantic: A Train in the Night], Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny and Christian Quesnel (Écosociété)
Urgence climatique [tr: Climate Emergency], Étienne Lécroart and Ivar Ekeland (Casterman)

Sélection Fauve Des Lycéens
[10 Titles. Note: all can be found in main Official Selection]

Alerte 5, Max de Radiguès (Casterman)
Daruchan, Lemon Haruna (Le Lézard Noir)
La Fin de juillet, Maria Rostocka (Éditions FLBLB)
Le Grand Vide, Léa Murawiec (2024)
L’Hiver de Tulipe, Sophie Guerrive (2024)
Le Jeune Acteur vol.1: Aventures de Vincent Lacoste au cinéma, Riad Sattouf (Les livres du futur)
Mégafauna, Nicolas Puzenat (Sarbacane)
Sur la piste, Henry McCausland (Presque lune)
Le Tambour de la Moskova, Simon Spruyt (Le Lombard)
Yojimbot vol. 1, Sylvain Repos (Dargaud)